Smoke and Tobacco Free signage includes the following items below. 

Let us know what you need! Email with your signage request, we'll do our best to accomodate your needs. We have a supply of a-frames to lend to departments and to put out during special events, contact us if you need one. 

If you see an old "No smoking within 25' (or 20')..." sticker on a building, please email us and we'll have it removed. 

Outdoor/Environmental Signs

Photo of a banner at the Tercero parking lot

Parking lot banners

Photo of an ash urn with a smoke and tobacco free sticker on it

Ash urn stickers

(prior to 1/1/14, when the urns were removed)

Photo of a window cling

Stickers for building entryways

Photo of a vinyl smoke and tobacco free sticker

Stickers for building entryways

Photo of an a-frame at the arboretum


Photo of parking ticket dispenser

Parking ticket dispenser stickers

Photo of campus map stand

Reminder on campus map stands

Photo of a mini a-frame

Mini A-frames

Transit Advertising

Photo of smoke and tobacco free ad on Unitrans bus

Unitrans bus ads, interior and exterior (2013-2014 school year)


Photo of LCD monitor in Mrak Hall

LCD monitors