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Media Contact

Julia Ann Easley, UC Davis News Service

Steering Committee

Barbara Ashby, Manager, Worklife and Wellness

Jonathan Bartlett, Yolo County Department of Public Health

Roger Belcourt, MD, Director of Occupational Health Services (Chair)

Stacey Brezing, Director, Staff and Faculty Health and Well-being, Occupational Health Services

Kerry Burns, Student Judicial Affairs

Tina Castillo, Associate Director, UC Davis Extension

Keavagh Clift, Special Services Program Manager, Occupational Health Services

Raeann Davis, Health Promotion Specialist, Student Health and Counseling Services

Jennifer Garcia, Police Department

Herb Garman, Director of Operations, Mondavi Center/University Cultural Programs

Steve Green, Executive Director, Human Resources

Katie Hetrick, Director of Communications, Arboretum

Eric Kvigne, Associate Vice Chancellor, Safety Services

Stephanie Lake, Intervention Services Coordinator, Student Health and Counseling Services

BreAnda Northcutt, Director of Communications, Finance, Operations and Administration

Anthony Pane, Employee and Labor Relations

Polly Paulson, Associate Director, Health Promotion Services, Student Health and Counseling Services

Gabriella Renteria, Risk Manager, Safety Services

Walter Robinson, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Mabel Salon, Director of Community Relations and Local Government Relations

Lynette Temple, Director of Legal Affairs, Office of the Campus Counsel

Mike Sweeney, Senior Campus Counsel