• Graphic with information about November being lung cancer awareness month
  • Graphic requesting peoples' feedback about the policy, which can be emailed to breathefree@ucdavis.edu
  • Graphic advertising free nicotine replacement therapy for all UC Davis students, faculty, and staff
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For a healthier community and cleaner environment, UC Davis is 100% smoke and tobacco free.

Adopt a Block

Adopt a Block


In an effort to promote the health and wellbeing of UC Davis and the surrounding community, Breathe Free, in partnership with Health Education and Promotion has launched the Adopt-a-Block campaign. The Adopt-a-Block program gives groups the opportunity to enhance the look of their community by beautifying and maintaining a street or section of a street within or surrounding UC Davis main campus.

Why does it matter?

UC Davis joined the rest of the UCs in going Smoke and Tobacco Free on January 1, 2014. While we have high levels of compliance for the policy, this has had a spillover effect on our campus neighbors and several “hot spots” have formed on campus.

  • Cigarette butts are the most littered item with over 4.5 million being discarded annually
  • Student volunteers picked up over 4300 cigarette butts on campus in just 2 hours in spring 2015!


Any individual, student group, organization, or association – students, staff and faculty are encouraged to form teams and help keep our campus community clean! Email kclift@ucdavis.edu to learn more and sign up.

Smoke and Tobacco Free Student Ambassadors

2015-16 Student Ambassadors

Breathe Free, in partnership with Heath Education and Promotion, coordinates the Smoke and Tobacco Free Student Ambassador Internship with graduate and undergraduate students. Based on best practices from other Universities that have smoke and/or tobacco free policies, an ambassador’s primary function is to encourage an environment of compliance for the UC Davis Smoke and Tobacco Free Policy through ongoing peer-to-peer interaction.

Ambassadors show leadership, professionalism, compassion and the desire to promote and celebrate a healthier campus. If you would like to learn more about future Smoke and Tobacco Free Student Ambassador internship opportunities, please email: breathefree@ucdavis.edu

How to Approach a Smoker on Campus

When UC Davis joined the rest of the UC's in going Smoke and Tobacco Free, our campus committed to an initial education and outreach based mode of enforcement. We encourage the campus community to support voluntary compliance through ongoing and resectful peer-to-peer interaction.

Be friendly and respectful when informing peers, staff, faculty and visitors about the Smoke and Tobacco Free policy. Remember, smoking and tobacco use is an addiction, which can be triggered by a number of things, including stress. The UC Davis Smoke and Tobacco Free policy is designed to provide a safe and healthy environment for the whole campus community and model healthy behaviors. 

The 2015-16 UC Davis Smoke and Tobacco Free Student Ambassadors produced this short video to highlight some positive examples of approaching a smoker on campus.


This is Quitting

This Is Quitting

Research shows that around two-thirds of young adults who smoke are interested in quitting, however, some may be unaware of what resources are available to help them quit.

This is Quitting is a free, customizable smoking cessation tool that was designed for young adults. It is a cessation support app with an accompanying text messaging component that is now available on the UC Davis campus. This app meets young adults where they are – online and on social media. It is interactive in nature and generates a sense of community and support as it connects quitters with others in same area.

Download the app and sign up with your UC Davis email address to get started today!

This is Quitting

  • Tailored to quitting progress – individuals can set their own quit date
  • Proactive outreach with multiple scheduled messages per day
  • Get and share ideas on how to quit from quitters all over the Internet; Quitting stories in quitters own words
  • Be inspired to keep your own quitting going with real life success stories
  • Up-to-date, easy to understand info about smoking cessation medications

Students Conduct Environmental Butt Scans

Cigarette Litter behind Walker Hall

In February 2015, Health Education and Promotion student volunteers conducted environmental scans. During the first part of the scans, all cigarette butt litter that was found was picked up. Students returned 48 hours later and scanned the same area. Highlights included:

  • 1268 cigarette butts were collected between Walker Hall and Shields Library. 48 hours later, 350 cigarette butts were collected in the same area.
  • 252 butts were collected around Wellman Hall. 48 hours later, 60 butts were collected.
  • 148 cigarette butts were picked up around Hunt Hall. 48 hours later, 23 butts were collected.

On April 11th, 2015 a campus-wide cigarette butt clean-up was held. 24 volunteers picked up over 4,300 cigarette butts in just 2 hours. The volunteers were split into groups and the campus was split up into quadrants.

Thinking about quitting?

header image for Thinking About Quitting resources
  • Figure out how much smoking has cost you: Arizona Smokers' Helpline cost calculator.
  • Download smartphone apps that will quide you through the process of quitting smoking.
  • Find specific resources for students, faculty, and staff on our Ready to Quit? page.

Breathe Free video

Thumbnail screenshot of smoke and tobacco free video

This video, featuring Gunrock, was made by Aggie TV for the Smoke and Tobacco Free campaign. Many thanks to the staff at Aggie TV for their creativity and time.

Aggie TV

"Smoking Kid" Video

This compelling short video was created by Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok, Thailand, for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation.