University Policy

The full text of all relevant smoke and tobacco free policies for the Davis and Sacramento campuses can be found here along with relevant background documents:

The 2011 systemwide task force report recommending the smoking ban is available here: Smoke-free Policy Proposal

City of Davis

Smoke and tobacco users are expected to be respectful of campus neighbors and refrain from congregating or littering on public or private property adjacent to campus.

The City of Davis does not permit smoking outdoors "except while passing on the way to another destination." For detailed information, see City of Davis Municipal Code, Chapter 34, Article 32.02

In June 2014 the Davis City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting the use of e-cigarettes and hookah in locations where smoking is prohibited. For more information see the Davis City Council's staff report. E-cigarettes are not being banned, instead they will be added to the city's existing tobacco code. 

Campus Boundaries

The smoke and tobacco free policy applies to all UC Davis owned and leased property including the main campus, UC Davis Medical Center Campus and the off-campus properties listed further below. Visit the campus map to see the main campus' property boundaries (outlined with a dotted black line). 

Housing units that fall under the policy include:

  • Segundo Residence Halls
  • Tercero Residence Halls
  • Cuarto Residence Halls
  • Primero Grove
  • The Colleges at La Rue
  • The Atriums at La Rue Park
  • Russell Park
  • West Village
  • La Rue Park Living Groups
  • Orchard Park
  • Solano Park
  • Domes
  • Davis Student Cooperative
  • Pierce Cooperative
  • Agrarian Effort Cooperative

Off-campus Properties

In Davis

Off-campus, leased properties in the City of Davis, Yolo or Solano Counties covered by the policy include the following (list subject to change):

  • 1002 Research Park Drive
  • 1036 and 1440 Research Park Drive
  • 1333 Research Park Drive (UC Davis Extension)
  • 1441 Research Park Drive (University Services Building)
  • 1850 Research Park Drive (Office of Research)
  • 112 A Street (Guilbert House)
  • 116 A Street
  • 2801 2nd Street (Agricultural and Natural Resources)
  • 207 3rd Street (3rd & A Street Building)
  • 1510 Newton Court
  • 1515 Newton Court (Center for Neuroscience)
  • 1544 Newton Court (Center for Neuroscience)
  • 16 College Park (Chancellor's Residence)
  • 1616 DaVinci Court (Dept. of Public Health Sciences) 
  • 1632 DaVinci Court (Center for Human Services)
  • 1633 DaVinci Court (Center for Neuroscience Annex)
  • 1460 Drew Avenue
  • 1477 Drew Avenue
  • 3820 Chiles Road (Reprographics)
  • 9113 Olmo Lane (Dubach Property)
  • Chiles Road (Bookstore Warehouse)
  • Davis Research Park (Undeveloped Gift Parcels)
  • 202 Cousteau Place
  • 255 Cousteau Place (Design and Construction Management)
  • 260 Cousteau Place (Shared Services Center)
  • 267 Cousteau Place (Center for Mind and Brain)

Remote Facilties and Natural Reserves

Remote facilties and natural reserves throughout the state of California covered by the policy include (list subject to change):

  • Bodega Marine Laboratory and Bodega Marine Reserve (Bodega Bay)
  • McLaughlin Reserve (Lower Lake, CA)
  • Jepson Prairie Reserve (near Dixon, CA)
  • McClellan Nuclear Research Center (Sacramento)
  • Oakville Experimental Vineyard (Napa Valley)
  • Plant Sciences Strawberry Research Facility (Watsonville)
  • Quail Ridge Reserve (near Lake Berryessa)
  • Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve (near Winters, CA)
  • Tahoe Environmental Research Center - Fish Hatchery (Tahoe City)
  • Wolfskill Experimental Orchard and Masson Addition (Winters)
  • Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center (Tulare)

Supplemental content

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